Transform Your Brows with Microblading

If you have little or no hair, over plucked,or hair that is sparse and you are tired of penciling in your eyebrows every day, or you think that you spend too much on eyebrow makeup that doesn’t even work, Microblading is all you need to get some perfectly looking strokes that appear natural on your face whether from a distance or close up.

Microblading of eyebrows

This procedure will fill in the gaps and make your eyebrows appear defined, natural and beautiful and you will be amazed at the difference.

Microblading delivers a natural appearance and it is by no means painful or scary. It is super-fine done manually through a hand-held device with many sharp needles at the end that are used to strike the skin and deposit pigment.

Unlike permanent cosmetic tattooing, microblading is less painful because it isn’t as deep. The appropriate depth for implanting pigmentation is the upper skin layer. When micro pigmentation is too deep, it results in a scratchy appearance and the final results aren’t crispy. On the other hand, if it is not done deep enough, colour won’t be retained long enough.

Another advantage of microblading is that it is semi-permanent and lasts for up to two years, which means that you are not signing a lifetime commitment and that it won’t leave some unnatural shades commonly experienced with the application of permanent cosmetic brow tattoos. However, regular retouch is highly recommended to maintain beautiful and perfectly natural looking hair strokes.

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